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Would you be interested in a book launch at Ytterbium?
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Volunteering as a programme participant
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If there are topics not listed above that you would like to discuss, or if you would like to provide additional details on topics selected above, please add here.
Please let us know if there is anyone you particularly want to be on a panel with, or who you would prefer to avoid (this information will only be seen by the programme team).
How many programme items are you willing to take part in?
Availability: please indicate your availability at the convention
Are you interested in offering any of the following:
We welcome any suggestions for movement workshops, craft workshops, writing workshops or other activities. We are allowed to have cooking facilities. Please provide details of your workshop idea.
We may wish to photograph or film some events. Please guide us: if you appear on the programme, are you willing to be recorded,
This will be kept confidential within the convention team that need to know.
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In addition to your public biography above, is there anything else you would like to tell us? This can be of a hobby, something only you have done, or an issue you need addressed to ensure participation is comfortable.